Tracker Program - "Organisation unit is not part of the search scope" error


I have version 2.35 installed and I’m creating a program tracker with 2 stages. I have a problem when running the Tracker Capture, after completing the enrollment data I click the “Save and Continue” button to go to the first stage but nothing happens. In the Chrome console this error appears:

httpStatus: “Conflict”
httpStatusCode: 409
message: “Organisation unit is not part of the search scope: Eh6twhbmqN4”
status: “ERROR”

What could be happening?

I will appreciate any help.


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did you be able to solve this? because I am facing the same issue,
can someone help in solving such issue

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@dhis2-tracker @Gassim
Hello people. I just encountered this with one of our units and it is preventing them from doing any entry on the tracker capture app?
I see that no response was given to this issue. We are running 2.36.8.
Can we have a quick review of what could be causing this issue?


There are fixed jira tickets regarding the same error - Ticket 1726 and Ticket 1449 both on Android platform; @marcus @Gassim
should this be logged into jira for the team to check the DHIS2’s tracker capture app too?

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Yes thanks @jomutsani! I was going to triage this to the @tracker-backend channel in the dhis2 workspace the moment @ifeanyiokoye posted but Slack wasn’t working. Thanks for sharing the Jira tickets it will probably provide any essential info.

– shared this with @tracker-backend.

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Hi @Gassim,

I am having the same issue. Any updates?

Version 2.36.9-SNAPSHOT
Build revision c3a381e
Build date February 4, 2022, 18:40


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Thank you @julhas! I’m following up with @tracker-backend about this topic post, and hopefully one of the core team experts will respond.

I will let you know if I have more updates. (If anyone is facing this issue, please feel free to add your post too!)

Thank you! :+1: