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Hi all,

In our organization we work with several paper forms related to different programs: Nutrition, WASH, HIV/TB, Family planning, VBG etc. and these forms must be digitized, so our task is to figure out how best to take the existing paper forms that frontline workers fill out, and turn them into a program, program stages, and questions within DHIS 2.

We think the solution is not to replicate the exact paper form into DHIS 2. Hence, we are seeking a comprehensive guide on how to approach the forms.


Dear @hernandezmachava,

here you can find a generic Tracker design guide for Person-Centered Monitoring: The Tracker design guides is a detailed step-by-step guide for designing and configuring DHIS2 tracker programs for person-centered and case-based health programs such as HIV, ANC tracking, or notifiable diseases. Design principles include formative ideation, defining the tracked entity, program stage structure, designing for tracker analytics, and interaction design.

Beside the tracker you can find in the the DHIS2 Health Data Toolkit page consolidates implementation resources for common health use cases such as system design and implementation planning guides, reference metadata, custom applications, interoperability tools and user guides/training material developed to promote global guidelines & standards in partnership with WHO, UNICEF and CDC among others.

You can download the metadata for each of the toolkit here and as well find them in the HMIS demo, an integrated HIS demo instance focused on optimizing the public health end user experience, exploring DHIS2 for integrated HIS and program-specific use cases and referencing global WHO & UNICEF recommended analysis products


Hi @Stefano,

Thanks for sharing the links. Opening Tracker programs in the HMIS demo is not possible as the tracked entity is not shared,

Dear @hernandezmachava,

thank you for your feedback and as well for sharing the access issues.

We have solved the sharing issues and you should now be able to register new TEIs