Tracker program: Completed events expiry days, Expiry period type and Expiry days

I have a tracker program with 3 stages in DHIS2 2.40

In that tracker program, I’ve set the following:
Completed events expiry days - 10
Expiry period type - Monthly
Expiry days - 7

If I completed the stages on 30th Jan 2024, the data can still be edited up to 9th Feb 2024.
If I set the “Completed events expiry days” to 0, the data can be edited freely (i.e. Expiry period type and expiry days are not working).

I want to disable all the data edit of previous month data on/after 7th of this month (i.e. All the data with Jan 2024 event date should not be editable on/after 7th of Feb 2024).
Can someone please help me implement this?


Welcome back to the Community of Practice.

This is true and the reason is setting the value to 0 means “no expiration”, so that’s how it’s supposed to work. :slight_smile:

I think you’re on the right track; however, the number in “completed events expiry days” needs to be less than the number in “expiry days”…

Thank you for the information. I’ll share the result after implementing that configuation in DHIS2.

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Great, please let me know how it goes. Thanks!