Tracker - No default event date / report date in stage / event

Hi there,

We are afraid of data quality issues in our future tracker program with the report date / event date of the stages / events (sorry, still unsure of the terminology).

We are doing retrospective data entry and, knowing our data encoding team, they will too often forget to change the report date (with DHIS2 it is set by default to today’s date).

The timeline of the events / stages is quite important so we would prefer to just remove the default date to not mess up the analysis.

Any ideas how to do that? Or any work around?

So far I made a program rule:

if V{event_date} == V{current_date}

Show warning on the first element of the stage. Something like “Are you sure you entered the right report date?”

Improvement suggestions, unless I missed something :slight_smile:

  • When designing a program stage, tick a box to have or not a default report date
  • Program rule to assign a value (or show warning, error etc…) to the report date (so far only data elements listed, but not the report date)



PS: Just migrated to 2.29