Tracker indicators across multiple stages

Hi all,
I am looking for help developing indicators for a tracker program that help us see the “dose” of the program received. I know that there’s not an easy way to visualize (in event reports for dashboards) data across program stages because, I think, event reports does not allow you to combine DEs from different stages. [this would be a cool feature though]
We have enrollment followed by 4 different follow up stages. I want to know how many TEIs received 1, 2, 3, or 4 follow ups. I have indicators to count enrollments for each stage using d2:hasValue for a compulsory data element in each stage. But this does not tell me how many TEIs ONLY received one follow up for example - because I would have to have a way to say that certain stages do not exist or that certain compulsory DEs do not have a value. Is there a function that could work to exclude TEIs from the count when certain stages are not used?
Thanks for any ideas.

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Hi again,
Think I figured it out using these two posts:

Link together hasValue and hasValue !=true

d2:hasValue(#{stage1.xxxUID}) && d2:hasValue(#{stage2.xxxUID}) != true etc etc

where the DE is a compulsory DE in each stage.

Please let me know if you see anything wrong with this approach!

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The basic approach is fine, but rather use !d2:hasValue instead of != true (or != 1 or whatever) - shorter and simpler.

Otherwise, note that 2.33 finally introduces “tracker” reports with multi-stage support - you can obviously use that to pull out different stage data element values for more complicated ad-hoc analysis.