Tracker data elements

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Is there a limitation to the number of variables/data elements that can be implemented in the Tracker module?

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For tracker you may need to share whether you are configuring an event or tracker program and if tracker program whether you are talking about number of attributes or data elements in each stage.

Well there is no limit, but with tracker it advisable to collect must have data i.e keep them minimal as possible. If you have many data element could slow down the entry and navigation around but again you can use program rules to hide and unhide what is not necessary at given time during entry.

We have some implementation with over 1000 data elements in tracker but managing with program rules to make entry easy and relevant.


Thanks @prosper for your response.I have the tracker program in mind.
I don’t expect them(data elements) to exceed 50.Branching logics will come in handy.


Dear @Mbevi

50 is manageable and okay with the tracker. I have some tracker program with about 700 data elements together with attributes.

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This is noted.Thanks @prosper