Tracker configuration: make multiple stages or one repeatable stage?

Hi, all.

In case I have the same data elements to capture data multiple times, is it advisable to build multiple stages (1) containing the same data elements or just build one repeatable stage (2)? Any reasons for the choice of either 1 or 2?



It depends on your use case, but in most cases, if the data to be captured is based on the exact same data elements you should probably do a single repeatable stage.

The advantage this has is that you can then create as many repeated events as you need to for that enrollment.

A reason to do a series of non-repeatable stages could be if you already know in advance that your programme will have a set number of events per enrollment, then you could have individual non repeatable stages that are pre-generated based on your criteria.

In my case, the program will have a set of 6 events, but with the exact same data elements.

1st event, 2nd event after two weeks, 3rd event after one month, 4th event after one month and half, 5th event after 3 months and 6th event after 6 months.


I think that with that in mind you could potentially have six non-repeatable events and ensure that they are pre-generated with the correct due date.

Pro: You would then have the full schedule of interventions for a person automatically pregenerated and could set up alerts, etc.

Con: More work to create program indicators.

I dont think there is a right or wrong answer, just a matter of what would work best for your users.

Hi @Enzo,

Thank you for your help. One point: If I choose to do a repeatable stage, is there a way of alerting the user to the number of events if they reach the 6 the event?

I am afraid that if I configure one repeatable stage, users may exceed the number of events when entering data. There should be a mechanism for controlling this.