Tracker Capture User roles - Android app

Hi everyone,

I am set up a tracker program to be loaded into a mobile phone, but I don’t know exactly which are core user roles for a tracker capture.

Looking forward to your support.

Hi @fernando.

Sorry I missed this message. Did you manage to solve the issue?

Android uses the Apps in the role to allow the mobile users one or other applications. Therefore you should use enable the Tracker Capture App in the role. As an example you can check the Facility Tracker role in the play servers.


Hi @jaime.bosque,

By enabling the Tracker Capture APP in the role, I am able to log in to my tablet and see the tracker capture I have created, but when I click on it to register an entity, I get the following message: Oops something didn’t go as planned. Let us get you back in action.. I do not know what’s happening. My internet connectivity is strong. When I click on more details, I see the following/ exception error:

Thank you.

Hi @fernando. Is there a chance you could provide access to that server via private message ?

Hi @jaime.bosque I am also getting that error. Except on my side it popped up just when i was trying to open it after downloading it. I havent even given it the link to instance.

Hi @feh . Does this happen always? Have you tried another phone? I see you are running a very old Android OS (4.4.2) which still should be supported although will be soon discontinued