Tracker Capture - Save and Continue error 504

Good evening, Wonderful team
I am Mokone from Lesotho. Recently I was tasked with creating a tracker capture for HPV vaccination. At the beggining of camapign the data capturing was happening smoothely. As more data is captured, data clerks are experiencing problems when clicking SAVE AND CONTINUE button; the page does not go to the next page (TEI dashboard). It just shows some loading actvity, then stops without adding the client. The browser console shows error 504 (gateway timeout)
So, I campared HPV program with Covid19 Registry and realised that there are buttons/sections/menu I do not know add. Covid19 Registry has this menu:

while my HPV program has this:

I humbly request your assistance in getting rid of this issue. I believe this has something to do with listing TEI on user’s browser.

Thank you for your post @mmpeete!

These are called “working lists” and the “working list” probably will not cause this issue. The 504 gateway timeout indicates that the server is taking too long to respond. Maybe like you said “more data is captured” = more workload on the server. There’s a long list of things that we could approach to understand what the issue is.

It would help, to begin with, if you could mention more information such as version of the dhis2 instance you are using? Please see if there are any errors in the Catalina.out file and share it (without
the sensitive info) .

Before you click save and continue, please open the Network tab (F12 - browser developer tools) and see which requests appear in red after you select “save and continue.”

Good luck!

Thank you!

Dear @Gassim
I am very sorry to have posted and delayed my response this much. I am only realising this now. It was kind of surprising that the two programs on one instance behaved differently. Covid19 registry performed very will while HPV raised this error.
Two weeks back, I managed to solve this by deleteing server cache (the folder created by .war file).
Your input to this community is pretty much appreciated. Thank you very.


Thank you so much! (: