Tracker capture problem in DHIS2 2.32.4

Hello dear community members.
Our structure since last month went from version 2.28 to 2.32.4.

Problems :

  1. Report in the tracker: all the listings generated for “Upcoming events” and “Overdue events” are limited to 50 lines maximum.

  2. Client referred (transferred) : when a client is transferred to another Organizational Unit by a user, only this user and the SuperUser can update the data of this client in the destination organization. All other user have a blank page when they click on the patient

These problems cause us great concern in our monitoring and reporting system.

So all solutions are welcome.

Thank you in advance !

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Thanks for your questions, Djiby. @mike – is this something you or your team can help with?

Hi @dhis2-tracker
@dhis2-tracker team

Just to clarify a bit what Djiby was trying to say.

On DHIS2 Tracker App, there are two butons on the upper left of the window name “Reports” and "Registration and Data Entry"
By clicking “Reports” we have “Tracker Reports” So from there we can see the program summary, Overdue Events and Upcoming Events.
In the previous version let say DHIS2 2.28, once clicked on whether Upcoming Events or Overdue Event , we are able to see the total list of the tracker entity in the selected case. but on the higher version (DHIS2 2.30 or higher) only 50 tracker entities that are lister no matter the level of the choice.

Thank you all for your help!