Tracker Capture Overdue Event Report/Program Report

Hi all,
Would there be specific settings to generate report for overdue events?
I am using 2.39 and checked with Play environment for Child Program.
My program setting for expiry type, days, and so on are the same, but I cannot any output for overdue report or upcoming overdue events.

Yet, I do have overdue and upcoming overdue events…


I am not sure I understand your question. Regarding the report, please did you try the reporting rates or the data visualizer app?

I’m not sure what’s missing in the Tracker Capture app? What version of DHIS2 are you using and why not try the Capture app?

I just need a little bit more clarification. Thanks!

Hi, @Gassim

Thanks for your response.
It’s the Report within Tracker Capture here.
I am using

For example, I have due events, but there’s no data found for overdue events in this organization unit.