Tracker Capture notes date issue after 2.29->2.34 upgrade

We recently upgraded from version 2.29 to 2.34.2, and the dates for all of our Tracker Capture program notes reset to the date and time of the upgrade. In the database, the trackedentitycomment table has the same Nov 30 date for every comment for both the created and lastupdated fields.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions for how to restore the old dates? Right now, I’m thinking that I will have to pull all the correct dates from a backup and update them directly in the database.


FYI for anyone else who may encounter this, this is what I ended up doing to fix it:

  1. Grabbed a pre-upgrade backup of the database and loaded it in Postgres on my local machine
  2. Collected all of the comments and dates from the pre-upgrade database: select trackedentitycommentid,createddate,creator from trackedentitycomment;
  3. Opened the results of the query in Excel and used an Excel formula to generate the update statements for created and lastupdated fields, E.g. =“update trackedentitycomment set created=’”&B2&"’ where trackedentitycommentid="&A2&";" (where A2 is the trackedentitycommentid and B2 is the createddate)
  4. Ran the updates on the production server to reset the dates