Tracker Capture in 2.29 - "failed to load metadata"

I’m having the same issue. When i try to run tracker capture application, i get the error: failed to load metadata. In bwoser console I see the error below:
tracker-capture.js?=3bbd1736d6640070919f:178 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘objectStore’ of undefined
at [as getKeys] (dhis2-storage-idb-e5bdf19229.js:297)
at [as getKeys] (dhis2-storage-04afdd4f4c.js:146)
at getOrgUnits (tracker-capture.js?
at mightThrow (jquery.js:3583)
at process (jquery.js:3651)
(anonymous) @ tracker-capture.js?_=3bbd1736d6640070919f:178

And I run the upgrade script for 2.29.

What can be the reason for that?


Dear @toctave,

Thank you for reporting your issue and sorry for the delayed response.

Please review the solution in this topic - Failed to load metadata Error - and see if that works for you.