Tracker Capture -ICD11

Hi @here,
Anyone successfully embedded ICD 11 in capture? API installed as systemd service

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Hi @Bee

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Could you please share what issue you are facing when configuring ICD 11 into the system? What version of dhis2 are you using, and the version of the android capture app? Thanks!


Hi Gassim,
Thank you for your support.
I am informed that to use any ICD11 functionality we need to develop and upload the app. the DHIS2 capture function does not support this functionality.

I still stand informed.

Hi @Bee

I’m reaching out to the implementation team and the tracker team for further information. May I ask what app do you mean? What version of dhis2 are you using? Have you tried using Capture app instead of the Tracker Capture app?

If you only need to export the ICD-11 as an option set then it’s possible to use the dhis2 integration-icd1x script which will generate the output file. To use it you need to make sure that you have Java 11, bash (to run the script), and as mentioned in the read me file other optional requirements are:

  • Docker(Optional), if using the local ICD API
  • ICD API keys(optional), if using the remote ICD API

Download the repository, extract the ZIP file into a folder, and use command line to navigate to the folder where the file is. After that use the command sh to generate the output file which can be imported into DHIS2. Please read the instructions in the read me page: GitHub - dhis2/integration-icd1x: Integration tool for ICD 10/11

Hope this helps. Please post back to the community if you have further details or more questions.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Gassim
Thanks for the follow up.
The version of DHIS2 is 2.39.
I am keen on the ICD11 integration as an option set, will check it out and revert.

Thanks a bunch!!


On the same topic, which data capture tool would be recommended for individual level data that is highly sensitive

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For individual level tracking, in DHIS2 we use a tracker program. The most updated app is the Capture app. You can read more about it in the DHIS2 documentation here.

Regarding this issue, you might want to refer to the Is my project ready for Tracker? section in the documentation, and also see heading “Security Considerations.”

I hope these references help.

Thanks, good luck!

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