Tracker Capture freezes at the "Loading metadata"

We’ve encountered a persistent issue with the tracker capture app in our DHIS2 instance. After performing a few operations, the app freezes at the “Loading metadata” stage. This problem has been ongoing for several days, and we’re seeking assistance to resolve it.

also done some basic operations like:

  1. Clearing the browser cache
  2. Also run Analytics Table

We would greatly appreciate any guidance or support you can provide, as this issue is affecting our ability to manage tracker-based data effectively.

I would check/share the browser “console log”

There’s probably an unexpected error not displayed.

Dear Stephan,

Thank you so much for the update provided,
Please find below console log details.

I’ve been having the same issue. When I open the Tracker capture app, the page gets stuck/frozen with a message that says “loading metadata”. I also cannot edit or delete a created Program. It just freezes and the same thing happens even after restarting the server. I also cleared the cache through the Browser Cache Cleaner app and directly through the browser and the same issue persists.

can you confirm that 1. Clearing the browser cache was successful?

Hello @Rohit17

Check “Sharing Settings” and make sure you have shared the tracked entity types, programs, and program stages with the user or group that will access them.


Dear Mohammad Jamal Aljadan,

Thanks for reply.
I have checked the “Sharing Setting,” and there is access for users and groups for the tracked entity types, programs, and program stages.

Still, I’m facing the same issue. “Tracker Capture” app freezes at the 'Loading metadata" stage.

Dear Clement Bempong Danso,

Thanks for reply.

Yes, the bowser cache is clear successfully. Still, I’m getting same issues.
“Tracker Capture” app freezes at the 'Loading metadata" stage.

@Rohit17 When you installed DHIS2 on the server, did you add the relaxedQueryChars attribute to the server.xml file?
as shown below:

<Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
  relaxedQueryChars="[]" />
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Dear Mohammad Jamal Aljadan,

Thanks for your reply.

I’m looking at that server.xml file on the DHIS2 server side, making the changes you provided, and sharing updates regarding that after updating that attribute in the file.

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Hey there Rohit I have been experiencing the same issue with the Tracker Capture app getting stuck “Loading Metadata”. I tried all the supposed solutions but nothing seems to work.

Did anything work out for you? Did you manage to solve the issue?