Tracker capture bug

Hi Team,
As we continue to test the tracker capture android app,I have noticed that
the app does not save an attribute that has an option list attached to it.


2015-09-22 10:19 GMT+03:00 Erling Fjelstad <>:

Hi David,
Sorry to hear that you experience problems. I have fetched your crash log
and it seems that something is wrong with your program rules for your
program. Can you please check that the rules have correct syntax? (Your
issue is close to a rule saying: " == "No"). My guess is to substitute the
" with ' .

Let me know if you experience any further problems.


On 2015-09-22 07:12, David Muturi wrote:

Hi Erling,
I am testing the app with latest dhis2 implementation i.e. 2.20 build
19884. None of the data collection form opens and the app crashes with
the message "Unfortunately DHIS2 Tracker Capture has stopped", I got
the app from the play store last evening.

2015-09-08 10:53 GMT+03:00 Erling Fjelstad <>:

Hi David,

This issue is now fixed and an update is now pushed to the Google Play


On 2015-09-07 17:42, David Muturi wrote:

Hi Simen,

I am testing the DHIS2 Tracker app downloaded from play store using
DHIS2 V 2.20 Build 19818. All forms without sections are loading but
the ones divided into sections on DHIS2 are making the tracker app to


2015-08-28 18:39 GMT+03:00 Simen Skogly Russnes <>:

Dear all,

the Android clients of Tracker Capture and Event Capture have now been
officially released!

Special features
These two Android applications provide the functionality of the
Tracker Capture and Event Capture from DHIS 2 specifically designed for use
on Android devices. In addition to what has already been possible, we have
been able to take advantage of the Android platform to add a few extra

The most important aspect of these apps are offline support, and the
apps have been developed with that as one of the main requirements. With
these apps installed on a device it will be possible to log in to DHIS 2
once, and then be offline for weeks or months (or even more!) at a time
while doing data collection.

Integrated GPS capture
By using these apps, it is now possible to take advantage of the built
in GPS modules that come with most Android phones and tablets. Because of
that, GPS coordinates can be simply captured by pressing a button while
doing data entry.

You can download the applications from Google Play, or directly from
Downloading from Google Play will provide stable automatic updates,
while GitHub will provide more rapid, unstable releases. Users who simply
want to test the application in general should use the Google Play download
links (see below).


* A running instance of DHIS 2.20
* A user assigned with at least one organisation unit, and one program


The functionality of the applications are the same as the existing
Tracker Capture and Event Capture in the web version of DHIS 2, implemented
specifically for touch interfaces. To start using it, simply log in, and
the required data will be loaded onto the device. Please note that Tracker
Capture only loads data for programs with registration, while Event Capture
only loads data for programs without registration.


Google Play

Tracker Capture:
[1] [1]

Event Capture:
[2] [2]


Tracker Capture:
[3] [3]

Event Capture:
[4] [4]

Source code can be found in the DHIS 2 GitHub directory. [5] [5]

Sincerely yours,
The DHIS 2 Android development team

* -dsdsfd

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