Tracker Capture app empty lists only in main page (but not inside TEIs profile and search results)

Could you please share the reference?

So you are able to search for the TEIs but you are not able to List TEIs when selecting the OU?

The error does say ‘no outree’ so it has to do with the permissions in the program access to OUs or maybe the user’s assigned OUs?

Are you able to see the list for other orgunits in another program? It would help if we can reproduce the issue on play and if we can’t then it might be a misconfiguration that we need to understand specific details.

Could you check which API requests are failing from the Network tab?

Thank you!

Dear @Gassim ,

Thank you for your information It is program ID , as per my concern I have given permissions and allow programs even public I do now know where is the problem.

please see the below snapshot I am using windows server 2016 and dhis 39 version any configuration needed please let us know.

Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul, Afghanistan

Actually @mohammadayub864, is this the same issue you posted before: Tracker Capture app empty lists only in main page (but not inside TEIs profile and search results)?


Dear @mohammadayub864

I had same issues couple of years ago and I fixed it adding


in your tomcat. See the image below:


After that, I also edited the server.xml file:


Maybe will solve the issue for you too.


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Dear Ezequiel,

Thank you so much for your ideas, I have already done these things in Server IF I did not do that our Icons were not working and missed due to bootstrap. I found the Solutions it was very easy I forgot to select Display in List how it was showing the record.

Again Thank you for sharing Information.

Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai

Dear @Gassim,

Yeah It was old issue but I was busy with data collection section. the solution was simple , I forgot to select the Display in List.

Thank you so much

Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai