Tracker capture app - console errors (2.33.4)

I noticed some errors in the browser dev tools console when loading tracker capture pages, particularly the http 500 errors below:

I see they’re both present on the server as well. Related to
Another one we get on our server is:
(404 error)
(404 error)

This server was recently upgraded to 2.33.4

Anyone know why or whether this is an issue or what could be causing it?

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Hi @Edward_Robinson,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

For the 404 ones, I believe they can be safely ignored, according to this JIRA issue.
Tagging @dhis2-tracker to see whether the error can somehow be removed to not confuse users.

For the 500 error, it seems like there is a JIRA issue for this:
Tagging @dhis2-backend so they are aware you also ran into the issue.


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Great, thank you Karoline. For some reason I didn’t see it before I posted.