Tracker - can I remove the new mandatory field 'Complete stage' in 2.33?

Hi all, hi @dhis2-tracker,

We have recently upgraded our DHIS2 instance from 2.30 to 2.33. On the tracker program, one of the main visible changes is the addition of this compulsory field:

Is there any way to remove it? Or hide it? It is realIy confusing our end users at the moment, and I can’t find any guidance in the documentation to better understand why this is needed, or what the implications are for the tracker program in terms of users selecting yes or no.

Any clarifications are much appreciated.

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Hi @monika, the reason this field is visible is because the first Program Stage of the Tracker program appears directly on the Registration Page. If you remove this option in the Program Settings in Maintenance, you will first see the registration page only, enroll the person and only then proceed to the First Stage.


Hi @YuryR,

Thanks for the response! Is there a way to keep the first Program Stage of the Tracker program on the front page (registration page), and still hide that mandatory field? Our tracker program is not a traditional service delivery program - we use it to monitor and report on human rights violations, and that particular field/language just doesn’t really make sense in this context.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide the field “Complete stage?” in a situation where the Program Stage is shown on the Registration page. At this point, this mandatory field is replacing the button “Complete”, which is displayed at the bottom of any Program Stage.

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Good to know, no worries then, thanks @YuryR!

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