Tracker Attributes help

Hi all,

We want to build a tracker for strengthening health provider competencies through clinical mentorship. The following image shows the cover:

Nome da unidade sanitária (name of health facility)

Districto (district)

Nome do mentorado (name of mentee)

Sexo do mentorado (mentee’s gender)

Posição do mentorado (Mentee’s job title)

Nome do mentorado (Name of Mentor)

Posição do mentor (Mentor’s job title)

Health facility and district are parts of the organization units. we have created name of mentee, mentee’s gender and Mentee’s job title as attributes.

Our question is: How will we determine how many mentees were mentored by each mentor? Can capturing Name of Mentor and Mentor’s job title help as these are the people who will be entering data?


Hie @fernandoshake ,
I can say , Yes, capturing the “Name of Mentor” and “Mentor’s Job Title” in DHIS2 will help determine how many mentees each mentor has mentored. To do this effectively, you should set up a relationship type in DHIS2 that links each mentee to their mentor, allowing you to track and report on the mentor-mentee pairs easily.

Hi @Shapr0019,

Thanks for the response, but how can I set up a relationship between the mentor and mentee in the DHIS 2?