TrackedEntityAttribute with UNIQUE value is off

I am using the DHIS2.36.5 version, and I have 1 TrackedEntityAttribute with UNIQUE value is off and got an ERROR result during saving the data.

Please find the attachment

Hey just a quick question, does creating a clone work? Please see if it will solve the issue for now, while I report this. :+1: Thanks!

BTW, @taufiqhs is there 2.36.5 version available already?

Uhmmm, that’s strange. Can you double check that you are properly accessing the attribute ? I would take that UID

and go to the trackedEntityAttributes and replace the UID in the URL

If there you still get that non-unique… maybe you can try to clear the cache? Did you (or any other admin) make changes recently?

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Hi @Gassim,

We can’t replication because TEAttributes using in the production instances.

Hi @taufiqhs ,

to move forward with this problem, we need to make sure the attribute failing, is actually not set as unique.

Could you retrieve information about the attribute, either like demonstrated by @jaime.bosque , or use the API, and post the results in this tread: /api/trackedEntityAttributes/mHwPpgxFDge

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Hi @Stian and @Gassim , @tracker-backend

This is the value.

I am using the dev instance 2.35.6 and 2.35.7-EMBARGOED.

But it’s strange, I have another instance for dev, 2.36.3 and the result is good (no problem) with the same condition.
What is the solution to this current issue?


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Hi again @taufiqhs ,

This indeed seems like a strange problem. As far as I can see, there are no obvious reasons this should happen.

I’ll write a jira issue and assign it to one of our developers to try and follow up what might be happening here.


Thanks @Stian

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Hi @taufiqhs, can you provide the error message or something you can see from the logs?

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