Tracked entity instances web API does not work for enrollment and events

We are trying to import TrackedEntityInstance (TEI) data for detailed patient level records to DHIS2. As per the DHIS2 Developerment Manual, it seems that TEI can be combined with Enrollment and Events (Section [Developer Manual - Tracker WebAPI section]. However, it does not seem to be working as documented. My be we are missing something but there is no error that describes why those are not imported.

I have example TEI JSON with enrollment and events, import summary (from postman) showing successul import and query of the imported TEI showing no enrollment. Here is link to a document that includes all three: myprojectrepos/tei_webapi_enrollment_event_not_imorted.docx at master · chiragjbhatt/myprojectrepos · GitHub

Following are links to related support threads that didn’t have any resolutions:

Link to one of the existing thread regarding Events


First of all, which version are you on? The payload itself seems mostly ok, can you also show the command line you use to POST this?

I see you are using code matching, is that correct? did you remember to add that as identifier schemes in the URL? also, trackedEntityType must still be using UIDs