Tracked Entity error in MAP apps

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While we are generating MAP GIS with the enrollment, where we have co-ordinate as the attributes of Tracked Entity Attributes but while generating Map with enrollment, we face with following error.What would be the solution for this error. Since this is same with the, so i have posted on Development.

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Thank you for posting this @Roshan.Konda! Which version are you using because there could be a bug already reported to Jira? Would you try this on version 2.36.0?

@Roshan.Konda Tracked Entities are only visible for the Organisation Unit to which they belong, so you may need to change the Org Unit selection for your Tracked Entity Instance layer in order to get results. If your user has access to all org units, you can choose “Selected and All Below” to show all TEIs for all org units (however if you have a large number of TEIs this is probably not a good idea):


Dear Sir,

I am using 2.34.4 Snapshot

Dear Sir,

It seems to be same on 2.36 too

Dear Sir,

The way to regenerate the error is "Add layer->Tracked Entities

Its the same error, “Person: No tracked entities found”

Hi @Roshan.Konda - there is no geo-located data for HIV Program in the Play instances - you can use the “Malaria Entity” program which has a small amount of data (in 2019, so you will also need to select the correct period date range):

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@austin These are the co-ordinates captured from the Attributes or the events?

@Roshan.Konda no, currently the Tracked Entity layer in the Maps application only supports geometries which are associated with the Tracked Entity Instance itself, not with events collected for an enrollment of that Tracked Entity Instance. If this is a feature which is useful to you I recommend you request it on Jira!

@austin Is this same feature available on 2.34.4 too?

@Roshan.Konda yes, I believe the Tracked Entity layers in 2.34 and 2.36 have the same features.

@Bjorn_Sandvik may have some thoughts on this as well!

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@Bjorn_Sandvik Hello, The co-ordinate is not plotted on my instance when i select the person.As i have already attached the screenshot of my instance, i always get the issue.“Person entity not found”. Where i need to prob to resolve this issue?

@Roshan.Konda which coordinates are you using? As I mentioned, attribute and event coordinates are not supported by the Maps application Tracked Entity layer

@austin sir.Thank you very much for reverting back.I am using TEI Attributes (co-ordinates), which are user response.The error is on our own production instance.