TOR for WHO Consultancy - Developer for Go.Data/DHIS2 Interoperability

Dear all,

WHO Emergencies Programme, GOARN Operational Support Team is looking for 1-2 software developers to complement existing work for DHIS2-Go.Data interoperability.

Information about the project:
Go.Data is an outbreak investigation tool developed by WHO in collaboration with GOARN partners to enhance field-level case investigation and contact tracing by Member States and institutions. It is currently being used in over 60 countries and 80 institutions worldwide, both at the national and subnational level.

There is an increasing need to ensure that data collection, aggregation and analysis tools can be interoperable with each other, including the ability to integrate outbreak response tools during acute outbreak response (i.e. Go.Data) into existing routine surveillance systems.

There is a range of work that has been developed in the area of interoperability within the Go.Data project (see: Go.Data Github), including the development of a v1 DHIS2-based application “Go.Data-DHIS2 Interoperability App” by Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). At present, the app is configured to enable bi-directional data synchronization of cases and contacts between Go.Data and DHIS2 programs that are using the COVID-19 Standard Metadata Package for Case-Based Surveillance.

We are looking for a developer(s) to complement this work and fast-track creation of an enhanced V2 of the app for more flexible and functional bi-directional data exchange. This includes ability to adjust parameters if metadata elements vary in DHIS2 Program, applicability across other DHIS2 modules beyond Tracker (i.e. Event Capture, Aggregate Reporting) and ability to expand well into to other disease areas beyond COVID-19.

Required skills and competencies:

  1. At least 2 years of DHIS2 configuration and administration experience – mandatory.
  2. Strong communication skills and fluency in English (spoken and written) - mandatory.
  3. Proficiency in Javascript - mandatory.
  4. Ability to meet deadlines, attention to detail and responsibility for provided solutions.
  5. Education in computer science or engineering.

Core responsibilities:

  • Develop data synchronization V2 app in DHIS2 (building on existing work of Go.Data-DHIS2 Interoperability App, making infrastructural or interface adjustments where needed)
  • Ensure functionality across use-cases (Tracker, Event Capture, Aggregate Reporting)
  • Ensure functionality across various metadata configurations (should work for various form types / metadata packages, as long as dataElements to be transferred are specified by users)
  • Full testing and de-bugging within scope of work
  • Develop technical documentation and demo resources on Github (including technical narrative documentation on system requirements, use cases, set-up steps)
  • Create a working demo environment with dummy data for testing purposes

Job format – APW contract, remote, full-time
Period of contract: ASAP - 25 development days, with possibility of extension.

How to apply:
Please send your CV, describing your experience, and a cover letter to by 15 October 2021 20h CEST

In the subject line please indicate: “Go.Data-DHIS2 Interoperability Consultant”.

Many thanks!

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