TOR for DHIS2 Consultancy

Dear All,

Health Poverty Action is currently looking for an expert consultant or consultants to carry out the following two consultancies:

  •      Phase 1:  The set up an M&E system for HPA using DHIS2
  •      Phase 2:  Pilot and train staff in implementing a new M&E system using DHIS2 for HPA in Cambodia and Burma

The detailed TOR are attached. Please circulate to your networks and / or recommended consultants that you think might be interested.

Interested consultants are encouraged to apply for both consultancies through two separate expressions of interest. Bids should be submitted no later than midnight British time July 15, 2015 to The contact person for this consultancy is myself, Nicole Tobin (

Warm regards,


Phase 1 TOR for DHIS2 System Set Up.doc (565 KB)

Phase 2 TOR for DHIS2 System Piloting in Cambodia Burma.doc (561 KB)


Nicole Tobin | Programme Development and Quality Advisor | Health Poverty Action |
Ground Floor, 31-33 Bondway, London, SW8 1SJ | +44(0) 20 7840 3777 |

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