Top X record of Event Report table not correcly filtered on the Dashboard gadget

Hi all,
using v.2.22 rev. 22067 but the same problem I reproduce in the Demo server (2.23 rev. 23020)

I have the fallowing problem:

When creating an Event Report Table with selected (in the Options)

Limit: Top 30 Events

The table in the “Event Report” is visualized correctly, but when I “Add” it tho the Dashboard, the filter of “Top 30 events” is not applied and I see all ICD10 … They’re not even ordered.

I reproduce it also on the Demo server ( If you try it today, you can see it on the:

Dashboard: Antonia

Event Report Table:DISEASES TOP 30 ICD10 Bonthe BY GENDER

Is this a bug or I make something wrong?