Tools for version control and metadata management?


Most implementers are familiar with change management processes from development instance to staging and production. In multi-country deployments, implementers working in the dev instance may not have full visibility into the production system – especially if there are tracker data involved.

But as any implementation evolves, the WAR files or metadata need to be routinely updated and aligned across all instances.

So I’m curious how this process is managed in other implementations. Do you use specific software for this change management process? Is it scripted in Python/R, or do you use a simple dropbox/GoogleDrive system? We use google drive mostly, but are finding this is too manual and would like something more intuitive, such as routinely pulling metadata from each instance API and checking for inconsistencies.

Inspired by this thread.


Great question, Brian. I’m also interested in how others manage this and also what methods others use to identify differences in metadata between instances.


Hello !

Great question! We are trying now a system of metadata package and control versionning with GIT that we will quickly show in the Oslo Annual Conference.

But it would be highly recommended that the DHIS2 Core Team gives some recommendations / good practices in this topic.




I’m interested in this topic.

Do you finally have a git resource to manage all the metadata?

How is your workflow about generating metadata ?
Do you create in an Excel File as a source, then exported to CSV? and then pushed to GIT?
How do you do the import of it in the production system? Via API?

Thanks a lot for your answers.