The regional Academies

(Alice Aké Loba) #1

The Regional Academies: Throughout the year and across Africa, Asia, we are running:
The Level 1 : Tracker, Information Use, Design&Customization
The Level 2: Data Quality, Server Administration, CHIS, Disease Surveillance, Android Implementation, Disease Surveillance, Web Apps development, Android Developers, Tracker level 2 and more to come.

This forum will not only give you the opportunity to know more about our training programs, but to also connect with your fellow DHIS2 Users.

(Emmy-Else Ndevaetela) #2

Good day

Do we have the dates for the academies.

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(Alice Aké Loba) #4

Hi Emma

Thank you for your message. You can find more details on our upcoming Academies here:

Thank you.


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(Maryan Said Mohamed) #6

Dear Alice,
Thanks for sharing the Academies,
Could share with us the dates specially for the Disease surviallance one,

(Alice Aké Loba) #7

Hi Maryan

Sorry for the late reply. The Disease Surveillance Academy will be held from 12 to 15 November in Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam. You can find more information here: