The Print option is not available for the Standard Reports and Data Set Reports


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As you very well know, that Sri Lanka is one of the countries that have been using the DHIS2 web platform extensively in the public health sector. We have done the version upgrade from DHIS2 2.32 to 2.35.6 last month (October 2021).

Most of the Reports are printed by the users at their organisation units and taken along with them, when they are attending the Review Meetings. So the absence of the Print option is causing a lot of inconvenience to the users, as they were previously equipped and used to that option in the previous versions. It would be great if the Print option is made available again as in the previous versions.

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@joseph, welcome to the community! :tada::tada:

Thanks for the post! Would you like to create a Jira Feature request for this? It might you get votes too!