The item type not supported: undefined (in Dashboards) [FIXED]

Hi all,

We are experiencing an error message on one dashboard favourite item displaying as “The item type not supported: undefined”.

The DHIS version: 2.30
Build revision:
Build date: 2019-08-14 06:25

This is a local war but no changes to Analytics apps or Dashboards in this war customisation.

Please see the screenshot attached.

Many thanks


Hello! We experienced the same issue and our support team told us that it was due to a bug (as yet unresolved) - see: [DHIS2-6556] - Jira

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Thank you for the response.


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Hi @Guerra-Arias_Maria and @Elmarie_Claasen we’re looking into it. Thanks for flagging it with us here.


Hi @Elmarie_Claasen, @Scott, @Guerra-Arias_Maria,

Item type not supported or undefined is a message displayed on the dashboard when references of an item are removed from the user account. It happens in other areas of the system as well, for example, with program stages.

We have attempted to demystify this on our solutions page here. I hope you find this article useful.


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Hi @INyabuto,

This is very helpful! Thanks! I’m posting a screenshot just for anyone else who reads this post in the future.


I know this is a 4 year old post, but we’re still getting hit with these item not supported (it has a new aesthetic in, btw) dashboards.

My question is more on maintenance related aspects. Has anyone created a check that looks at Dashboards access and can give errors when users (within user groups) have access to a dashboard and also do not have access to all of the objects within that dashboard? Based on the nested nature (users–>userGroups, objects–>dashboardItems–>dashboards), I’m a bit daunted by the prospect of creating a SQLView…but perhaps this is the best/only way to go about it?

I’m also wondering if a feature request could possibly warn/prevent this from happening in the first place (i.e. when giving edit access to users that don’t have access to the objects, provide a warning) or second place (if you are a user who is about to/in the process of editing a dashboard, give a warning if they do not have access to objects) or third place (once this happens, at least allow for the object to be brought back, be discoverable, be pulled, edited, and pushed back with proper access)


Hi Isaiah !
I am experiencing a similar issue currently
How do I reslove this!

Interesting points @Matthew_Boddie! I agree that it could be a helpful feature.

You might want to save it again using a Superuser and the error should update