The easy way to submit minor document updates!

Did you know…?

You can easily fix errors in the DHIS 2 documentation yourself!

For small changes to the DHIS 2 documentation, it’s actually very easy for anyone to submit changes without going through the whole process of raising a JIRA issue against DHIS 2. This can be done directly in your browser and requires no knowledge of documentation systems or source control. All you need is a GitHub account!.

A walkthrough of the process is available here: dhis2-docs/submitting-a-doc-fix


Thanks to hear this

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This is so great @phil; Kudos to the team :clap: and thanks for sharing!

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Fantastic! I’m familiar with the process but didn’t know it was an option for the community!


Just want to bump this again, because this is such a great way to contribute in small ways to the documentation, and fix that spelling mistake that has annoyed you for weeks! :wink:

I was able to follow this and raise a PR, without being technical whatsoever - so you can do it too!



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That’s great to know.

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