The DHIS2 Tracker(CSOMT) in the Monitoring of Cataract Surgical Outcomes among patients operated for cataract

We are really wish to update DHIS2 community on how in Rwanda the team from M&E ,Digital office in the Ministry of Health Rwanda and also team from HISP Rwanda has designed the Eye Tracker Tool which was designed in the management of Eye cases consulted at Health Center level and its referral system .
Now currently the team has also the designed the stage in that will be focusing on registration follow up of patients operated from cataract to ensure the outcome of the surgeries conducted at Hospital level are monitored and this will help in the decision either in the planning of needed capacity building of staff involved in surgeries, follow up of operated patients through regular visits by which the VA ( visual acuity will be taken ) and to know the factors that might be linked with the outcome of surgeries (Bad, Borderline or Good) .
As M&E team in the Ministry of Health we are willing to share the lessons and to provide any support worldwide where such intervention is still an issue .
Operating eye cataract is one but monitoring and understanding of quality of this surgeries as well as all factors that might contribute to outcome has a great meaning.
It was a challenge to know the level of quality cataract surgeries which was paper based but now the DHIS2 through this designed Eye tracker tool with CSOMT( cataract surgical Outcome Monitoring Tool) will help a lot.


Thanks for sharing this update @jubini199 – It would be very interesting to hear more about your experiences with this Eye Tracker system, especially after you have a few months of data and can show the impact it has had on efficiency of planning and patient follow-up.

Perhaps you could write a more detailed post about it here on the Community of Practice, or submit it as an abstract for the 2024 DHIS2 Annual Conference?

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