Text Values from Option Set Data Element do not appear on Event

Version: 2.33.4
Build revision: ba0e775
Using Desktop DHIS on laptop

Very simple Event Tracker Program… 7 data elements (value type Text) use Option Sets for data entry (value type Text… name and code of each Option are the same text values.) Data entry form is a section form (render types are Listing).

At data entry values can be selected from all the Option Set pulldown properly. However, upon saving and exiting the form 2 of the values from the Option Sets data elements do not always appear when viewing or editing the event. (All other data values not using an Option Set appear appropriately as do the remaining 5 data elements that use Option sets.) One of the problem Option Set dataElements never shows its selected value; the other Option Set dataElement shows all but the first option in the list. However, I can confirm that the “invisible” selections made during data entry using the Option Sets are saved to the database (confirmed via Event data export). I see no difference in the configuration among the 7 Option Set data elements or the Option Sets themselves.

I cannot replicate this on play or in another instance of ours using the same DHIS version and build as noted above (and also using a Section data entry form for an Event Program) so it appears to occur just in this instance (although I recall having seen it in past DHIS versions but have no examples.)

Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.