TEIs: re-enrollments

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What does this mean:Tei can have several enrollments in comparison with Only enroll once (per tracked entity instance lifetime) in tracker program? When to tick the second option: only enroll once while configuring a program stage? e.g in these programmes: Child Programme and
Malaria case diagnosis, treatment and investigation in demo, we have only enrol once ticked.


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Thank you for your question! Let’s quote an explanation to this found from the docs:

MAL-CS:Malaria Case Notification, Investigation & Response

The Case Surveillance program uses the tracked entity type “Case” instead of “Person” which is what is commonly used in our metadata packages. This means that each time someone becomes infected, they become a case. A case is only allowed to be enrolled once. If someone becomes re-infected with malaria, they will have to be registered as a new case, and there are fields (in the diagnosis and treatment stage) where information about their previous infection can be recorded.

This means that there could be several “case” tracked entities which represent the same individual, and have the same National ID number, and therefore, this attribute should not be unique for the instance. A new “System case ID” is generated for each case.

Depending on implementation needs, an alternative would be to use the tracked entity type “person” and allow for multiple enrollments. In such case, it would require a new case ID for every time an infection is recorded, which results in a new enrollment, and therefore it should not be an attribute in the enrollment of the person and should rather be added as a data element in a program stage.

This means that if a TEI can have several enrollments each enrollment will go through the same program stages and each enrollment might be completely different than the previous enrollment, so this depends on the program configuration and implementation needs. On the other hand, in the Child Programme example you mentioned, a child can be born once so it doesn’t make since to allow the ‘Born’ stage to happen over and over so this is one of the justifications to ‘only enroll once.’

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I am confused with the terms: Multiple enrollments per TEI. What does it really mean in practical examples? Please I am looking forward to an explanation trough clear examples


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I found this post from earlier this year: TEIs: re-enrollments, which explains multiple enrollments per TEI and only enroll once. I hope this helps.

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