Technical support consultant needed for WHO dhis2 packages (remote, part-time)

The Global TB Programme at WHO is looking for a consultant to provide technical support on the versioning, maintenance and implementation of WHO dhis2 packages for TB surveillance.

GTB has been working with UiO to create three DHIS2 packages for countries to use. These are:

  1. – this is a platform hosted on the WHO server, which allows for countries to upload historical aggregate data for TB. It is used for housing TB data, in the absence of a locally installed DHIS2 platform, as well as to support in-country technical assistance activities requiring analysis of historical TB data (this is what we call epidemiological reviews and standards and benchmarks assessments). It is not meant to be a sustainable solution for countries, but an interim solution until the country installs DHIS2 on a server managed locally (should the country decide to adopt the system). Countries are welcome to continue with to make use of the set of standardised dashboards in any case.
  2. DHIS2 WHO TB aggregate package – this platform looks very similar to tbhistoric. It has a set of data entry forms to allow for countries to routinely enter their aggregate TB data for surveillance and analysis. It is designed to be installed on a local server for eventual independent management and use of the system and its dashboards.
  3. DHIS2 WHO TB tracker package (case-based) – Similar to number 2 above, this platform is designed to be installed on a local server for the collection of case-based TB data in member states. Like the two packages described above, it also holds the same analytical dashboards to support data analysis and use for programmatic action.

The specific tasks and deliverables are as follows (to be written up in a formal ToR), for approximately 20 days of work from start of contract to end of December:

  1. Support the maintenance, versioning and updating of the WHO TB DHIS2 module for aggregated data tbhistoric platform.
    1.1 Deliverable: data and shapefiles uploaded onto tbhistoric platform for 3-4 countries, using existing data templates.

  2. Support targeted countries with implementation of WHO TB DHIS2 modules for case-based and aggregate data.
    2.1. Deliverable: technical support provided, in collaboration with UiO and local HISPs, on the preparation, installation and configuration of existing WHO TB DHIS2 packages for case-based and aggregated data in 1-3 countries.

  3. Support the development of DHIS2 data housing, including development of data visualisation solutions (dashboards) for findings from epidemiological reviews and standards and benchmarks assessments.
    3.1. Deliverable: platform developed in DHIS2 for data entry, management and visualisation
    3.2. Deliverable: historical data from epidemiological reviews and standards and benchmarks assessments (currently available in Access database) uploaded onto the platform.

We are hoping to contract a consultant ASAP.

Please contact Marek Lalli at for more information, even if you feel you can only support part of the tasks listed (Task 1 is priority).


Hello @mareklalli, I will be really happy to work on it.

Hi @mareklalli Let me know if this is till open. I have done the same for Namibia together with the WHO team