Tally with Non-Applicable

Hi everyone,

I have an option set (yes/no/not applicable) attached to data elements. Yes -1. No - 0, Not Applicable - -2. How can I tally up the percent score of all the “yes” values as well as all the “n/a” in the most elegant way using program indicators?

Please, help.

I think you can create three program indicators; 1. To count the “Yes” answers 2. To count the “No” answers 3. To count the “N/A” answers. If its a tracker App you can achieve this using V{event_count}

Then create an indicator to calculate percentage for “Yes” answers like totalYesAnswers/totalAnswers and the same for “N/A” percentage like totalNotApplicableAnswers/totalAnswers. Maybe there is a better way and am following with keen interest to learn from the others

Hi @Bernard_Kamfosi,

Thanks, but what would the whole program indicator to count the yes answers look like?


The expression will be: V{event_count} and the filter will be: #{DataElementID} ==1.