Tacker hide options within option set

Hi everyone,

I have an option set which has three options (J - Absent but Justified, P - Present, L - Late, dropped out). Is there a way to hide an option from an option set after it has been selected in a repeatable program stage?i.e, if J - Absent but Justified is selected in the first event, it should be hidden in the second event; if P – Present is selected in the second event it should be hidden from the third event and so on.


Did you manage to get around this issue? I also want to learn

Hi there,

Which version of DHIS2 are you using? If you try to assign a program rule action, do you have the items “Hide option”, “Hide option group” or “Show option group”

If you do, for your specific case, create a program rule variable that stores your value from the previous event


Then create a new rule that checks the value for the option you want

Then define an action which hides this option

You will need to create separate variables and rules for each option you want to check and remove in this scenario (assuming you don’t want all of those options to be hidden at the same time)

Hope this helps

Hi @Shurajit_Dutta,

Your explanation has helped me solve my problem.

Thank you.

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