Tablet recommendations for using new Android app?


(Patrick Gallagher) #1

Hi DHIS2 community,

For the previous three years, my organization has used Google Nexus 7 tablets with DHIS2 apps, but they are in need of replacement.

Which tablets are organizations buying to use with DHIS2’s new Android app? I’m aware of the current recommended specs (, and many tablets fit those specs.

Have you heard of organizations using the Amazon Kindle Fire 8 tablets (less than US$100!)? They meet most of the specs. They use Fire OS (built on Android OS), which presents obstacles, but may still be workable. Do you have insight?

Patrick Gallagher
Nascent Solutions
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

(James Omutsani) #2

Hi @pgallagher1,

I believe that as long as the device meets the minimum specs required for running the app (Though I would prefer if you worked with the recommended specs), and also fits your organization’s budget and requirements.