Table of Option

Hi dhis2 community,

I have a table of option where i want to select many option, here is the example. How can i build this in program for tracker capture.

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Hi @Alberto_Machaze

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We don’t have options for options i.e. nested options the way the screenshot template shows; however, there’s another way for getting the same result. If the metadata doesn’t have any option selected then it’d be the same as not checking it. Is there a specific reason to why you’d want it to be selected?


Hi @Gassim,

I wanted it as shown in the screenshot to make easy for data entrier to fill the form but it there is another to this, you may help.
For now what i’ve done was to create a droplist for each line of option.


Hello @Alberto_Machaze
There are different ways to implement this table of options. I propose the below way of designing it using tracker module.

The signs (options in first column) can be associated with either one or both of the options (right side / left side)


  1. Create a dropdown list (option set) of first column options (the signs)
    1.1 Create a data element in which use the above optionset.

  2. Create two data elements for (right side and left side] of type [Yes Only]

  3. Create repeatable stage and use the above data elements.

Good luck

Another consideration would be to create one data element per sign (row) and have one option set applied to each of those data elements (with the options “Left side only”, “Right side only”, “Both left and right side”, “Sign not showing” [or N/A]).

Hi @lnunez,

Sorry to bring a new topic but I need help.

I have ten fields in a program stage. They are all integer data type. We want a validation so that the sum of any values entered in any of these fields is not greater than 25. That means if I enter 15 in the first field, I must expect 10 in any of the other fields. Otherwise an error must displayed to alert the user.

i welcome all possible solutions