T2A Failed Delivery Error

Hello Community and @claude.mamo,

I am trying out the T2A application on version DHIS2
The app ran without errors at first but I noticed it got stuck at the point shown below.

before finally displayed the error below.

Can anyone please advice?


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Which version of T2A are you using and how are you running it @Abumere_Ejakhegbe ?

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Thanks @claude.mamo for the quick response.
I am running v1.0.0-RC3.

I am running it in the app on Ubuntu 18.04.6

using the command

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You have a leading whitespace in the dhis2.api.url parameter value.

Same goes for the dhis2.api.password parameter.


Hello @claude.mamo I have made the adjustments and have started running again. I will let you know the outcome. Thanks for the feedback

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@claude.mamo Thanks for the guidance. Your previous response made it run without error. We followed the guidance in the configuration guide. The issue now is that we are not seeing values in aggregate and nothing is pointing us a log that we can use to diagnose. I will appreciate if you point us to the right direction.
so far.

From what I can see in the screenshot, T2A is still running. Was the log entry “Aggregated program indicators in [x] seconds” printed to your console?

@claude.mamo - that log entry was not printed. I checked catalina.out incase for that also but nothing on “Aggregated program indicators”

Then I think T2A is still running. What’s the last log entry printed?

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Oh… if is still running, that explains it. I will monitor. The last log entry printed is “Scheduling analytics task…”

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Hello @claude.mamo,
Thanks for the support. Sadly, for the last 4 days it does not show anything new. No other logs showing activities etc. Do you have any other ideas I can benefit from? Below is the screenshot.

cc @kstankevitz

Was the job triggered multiple times? I’m wondering why you have repeated log entries.

I understand now. Sorry, I missed the log timestamps. It seems that your event analytics is taking a very long time to complete. If you have event analytics being run prior to the T2A job, then you can safely skip it by setting the run.event.analytics argument to false.

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