Sync period is not editable

@dhis2-android @marta @jaime.bosque
I see the synch period is not editable in my android. can you support why and advise what I should do?
I am using 2.33 version and my server is not secure.

You have probably enabled the Android Web Settings App and so the Android gets what is specified there. Please check and let us know.

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Thank you @jaime I removed the app and still doesn’t work.

Have you performed a “Sync metadata” on the Android device ?

Yes, I did, if you mean Sync configuration

Let my server configuration finish and will let you know @jaime.bosque Thanks, Derebe

Ok, let me know. Cheers!

@jaime.bosque I have removed the android setting app and used the secured server and nothing changed, it still says not editable.

@jaime.bosque It worked when I disabled the android app general setting. Thanks

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