Support With Checkbox/Multiple select

Yes=2C for the previous pregnancies table? However=2C if the solution shall=
work end to end we need to store the values across several dataelements. G=
iven this=2C the problem and solution can be in the client side - the probl=
em is a unruly long list of "yes only" fields=2C and the solution could be =
a smarter/more compact input mecanism for a group of such dataelements.
Will post here once I have something in the Palestine tree.

17. sep. 2015 kl. 09.59 skrev Abyot Gizaw <>:Hi=2C
Yes custom solutions are possible - I also remember doing a similar thing f=
or the first version of Palestine tracker. What I did back then was appende=
d all the values under a single dataeleemnt.
In general=2C the issue is not from the input side=2C rather from the outpu=
t side. If we are interested in counting or aggregating each distinct value=
then we have to create as many dataelements as values.

---Thank you=2C


On Thu=2C Sep 17=2C 2015 at 9:51 AM=2C Markus Bekken <markus.bekken@gmail.c= > wrote:
Hi guys=2CI am facing the same issue as you Asiz=2C and was planning to do =
a custom solution for the Palestine project: Use 10-ish "Yes only" dataelem=
ents=2C and group them together in a multiple select dropdown/popover/adapt=
ation of select2 - all while using the underlying yes only dataelements.
Perhaps the solution can be improved upon so we could implement a generic v=
ersion in the /\w* capture/g clients.
17. sep. 2015 kl. 09.41 skrev Lars Helge =D8verland <>:
Hi Asiz=2C
the problem here is=2C how do you want this to behave in aggregation / anal=
ytics? Aggregate data elements can only be evaluated to a number...

On Thu=2C Sep 17=2C 2015 at 9:30 AM=2C Jason Pickering <jason.p.pickering@g=> wrote:
Hi Asiz=2CThe problem is option sets allow for a single choice=2C not multi=
ple ones. I realize it is not particularly convenient=2C but I cannot think=
of another way to do it in this case. If there are other ideas however=2C =
it would be good to know!
Good luck=2CJason

On Thu=2C Sep 17=2C 2015 at 8:53 AM=2C Asiz koju <> wr=
Hi Jason=2CThanks for your quick response. As I have already mention i have=
got nearly 20 services to select from and creating data element for each a=
nd every single services as yes only or yes/no will over populate the data =
element list. I have got another scenario where i have to register my provi=
der. In that program i have to chose either the provider is certified=2C tr=
ained or interested. And the we have nearly 15 services in the list. So tha=
t means we need to create 45 data elements to capture the details. I am afr=
aid to implement this idea. Can you or anyone suggest me any possible solut=