Support regarding to tracker capture program; the TEI timeline data entry page is not active

DHIS2 version 2.31.3 is what I’m using. I can’t see the entered data or add new TEI event data on the timeline data entry windows. I ‘Delete’ option under the ‘CUSTOM’ form also if its bug. please take a look at the illustration below.

Hi Chala Wakshuma,

This seems more like an authority issue. Please make sure that the OU you selected has a Program assigned to it. And please make sure that the user has access to the program. You should be able to select the program first.


@Gassim Thank you.
However, the OU and Access sharing worked fine. The TE has already been registered and can be found on the Tracker capture report page. I also can’t see the TEI dashboard data added by users as a Superuser.
FYI, below is the Tracker TE registration window for the program, on the selected OU.


@Chala.Wakshuma sorry for taking this long! For anyone to be able to help you with this issue, it’s important to know the reason why you can’t see the TEI data values. If you go to List and select a TEI what happens? Would it be possible to share a video recording?

Please before you navigate to the TEI dashboard, open your browser’s developer tools (F12) and click on Network then after you visit the TEI dashboard see if you find any error in the Network tab, click on it and take a screenshot please.

Thank you!