Support for IE 11 will be dropped in 2.33

(Lars Ă˜verland) #1

Hi all,

from DHIS version 2.33 we will drop support for Internet Explorer 11. This implies that no versions of IE will be supported.

From 2.33 we will fully support the Edge browser.

This leaves the list of supported web browsers at Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

For implementation where users are utilizing IE, implementers should ensure that one of the supported browsers are made available.



(Hazim Timimi) #2

Thanks Lars. Can we assume Vivaldi will be supported since it is based on Chromium?

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(Lars Ă˜verland) #3

The system will technically speaking support all Chromium-based browsers. That said we will formally test and support only the browsers mentioned above, implying that we cannot guarantee that issues will not emerge, nor fix such issues, on other browsers.

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(Hazim Timimi) #4

Thanks Lars!

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