Sum of 'yes only' data element in aggregate indicators

Hi Community,

I need to create an aggregate indicator: I have a bunch of ‘yes only’ data element and I need to sum the ‘yes’.

The indicator does not update in the data entry app.
This is the formula I used (considering yes = 1 and no = 0):
#{Di1ihDf3Mep} + #{qKURjYg06xq}

Strange thing, the indicator work well in the Pivot Table app.

Please find below 2 images: a screenshot from the Data Entry app (indicator not updating) and a screenshot from Pivot Table app (indicator properly showing data).

May you please suggest?

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I raised a Jira bug:

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hi @davide , I tried this on DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone too, no luck. The reason I tried this on unreleased 2.37 is below:

I tried to utilize functions that validate on boolean data elements in aggregate within Validation Rules (not Indicators) in forthcoming 2.37 (reference DHIS2-10818):

if(isNull(#{Nn8Kv9H4TQq}),0,1) + if(isNull(#{ePudNyqEew2}),0,1)

but Data Entry app reports an error that it cannot recognize if :

Even though the Maintenance app makes them available:

So I can’t help on your issue but thought it would be matching info.

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Thank you David,
very usefull considerations. I updated the Jira ticket accordingly.
I found interesting that in the Pivot Table app your more advanced formula provides the same result than the basic one (dataelement1 + dataelement2).
Anyway the indicator still doesn’t work in the Data Entry app and I do think it’s a bug.

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