Suggestions for Adding Calculation Feature in Data Visualizer 2.39

Dear DHIS2 Developers,

I hope this message finds you well , Calculation Feature is available in 2.40 but not in 2.39 Please add this feature also.

if we upgrade to 2.40 errors come something went wrong in dashboard nothing displayed. we only update the version.

Thank you
Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul , Afghanistan

Hi @mohammadayub864

I’m not sure if this will be available anytime soon. You can see the feature request Jira issue target version is specifically from version 40. [DHIS2-13871] - Jira

Please share the errors in the Catalina.out log (without authentication/sensitive info) and would you share the errors that appear? It might be worth seeing if that can be resolved.

Thank you!