Submit your app to the App Competition 2024

Hello App Developers!

Have you recently developed an App (either Web or Android) you’re proud of? Or working on an application you’re ready to showcase to the wider community?

Submit your app to the 2024 App Competition to compete and be recognized as the best app of 2024!

The goal of the App Competition is to showcase the innovative work developers around the world are doing with DHIS2 for both web and mobile devices, and to highlight how the DHIS2 App Platform and Android SDK make it easier to develop custom apps using shared tools.

We invite DHIS2 application developers from around the world to submit their best work.

The best 5 applications will be invited to present their app at the dac2024 Annual Conference, which will give your app a wide audience and a wide recognition.

Submit your Android or Web Application on the DAC2024 website.

Every organization can submit up-to 3 application.

Submit your app now on the DAC2024 website

Submission deadline: April 15th 2024