Student Attendance Survey

An initiative was taken by Ministry of Education with an objective to build an information system which can help them in tracking the non-attendance percentage and the dropout rate of the students post pandemic and post economic crisis.
This information system helps the Ministry of Education to drill down the areas with higher non-attendance percentage and which might help them in further analysis for the different reasons for dropout rate in future.
The major challenge to capture the information is the lack of data within the Ministry of Education for total number of students registered in different grades and the daily attendance of students.
To overcome this challenge the Ministry of Education designed two new forms.
1.Format A (This form is deigned to collect the number of ‚ÄúStudents Registered‚ÄĚ from Grade 1 to Grade 13 on yearly basis)
2.Format B (This form is designed to collect the ‚ÄúDaily Attendance‚ÄĚ from Grade 1 to Grade 13)

The team consisting of Members from Ministry of Education with HISP Sri Lanka designed the above two forms in DHIS2.

  • Lack of motivation at school level to enter data
  • Network issues
  • Observation of partial completeness of data.

Way Forward:

  • Make analysis accessible to school level to promote data use and thereby motivate use of system
  • Currently Reports are generated from DHIS2 pilot implementation and shared with research department.
  • Planning to launch a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework which will be covering all the sectors of education like (Department of examination, Department of Publication and many more)

Hi Nishanga,
The idea of the MoE is great, but I think there is no buy-in from the rest of the country. And I am sure they are not really interested in the issue of data collection. This means someone will be looking at their data and performance, and they do not want that to happen, generally speaking. It is easier to fudge the data using the old system than have any problems identified by the ‚Äėnew‚Äô data system. Also I think that giving them 2 forms to complete is a step too far. Start with Form A. Get that completed, and the people to do the training etc are the MOE, not the HISP SL team.
Then consider a monthly report of students who attended more than 15 days in a month - or something simple. Trying to get a daily count is a step too far. Start simple and slow and get that buy-in before something more complex.
My 2 cents worth
Norah Stoops

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