Stuck in The Same Step Every time Trying to Setup DHIS on My own computer

I want to install and learn DHIS2 on my own computer, but I’ve tried multiple sources online and attempted the installation several times without success. I recently tried from this source (DHIS2 Installation on Windows Local Server – DHIS2 Web Portal), but I’m stuck at the same point again (Step 7). When I try to run Tomcat10, the CMD window opens briefly and closes immediately without showing any errors (it closes in less than 1 second). When I run Tomcat10w, it displays ‘Server status: Stopped,’ and clicking ‘Start’ doesn’t initiate the server. Where could I be making a mistake? Can you please assist?

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From experience, I have found that for starters who want to learn about using DHIS2, installing a local repository using containers seem to be the easiest and fastest way. Please see the following guide: How to spin up a DHIS2 local instance | DHIS2 Developer Portal

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You need to make sure the versions are compatible. Feel free to compare the instructions with the instructions in the official documentation: Installation - DHIS2 Documentation

Could you share the complete Catalina.out log (without including sensitive/authentication info)?


If you are using a Windows machine, I would recommend running DHIS2 within a linux virtual machine runining ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04.
Virtualization options like VMware, VirtualBox, and Hyper-V are all supported on Windows. Then, you can proceed with the setup using the tools, dhis2-server-tools, tools for quick setup