Struts2 port branch

Hi all,

Just created Struts2 port branch in launchpad.

Project: DHIS
Get this branch:bzr branch lp:~dhis2-devs/dhis2/dhis2-struts2-port
Update this branch:bzr push lp:~dhis2-devs/dhis2/dhis2-struts2-port
Branch format:Branch format 6
Repository format:Packs containing knits without subtree support

Code is the same as was with 4 new modules added with webwork framework to struts2 port, also other code outside dhis and docs folders are missing in this branch. 3 new modules are support modules and only import-export module was ported to testing if struts framework works. This way we can shift modules one after another to struts and with small refactoring port code to use struts2.
Ideas, comments, additions are welcome.